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Why Do People Kill Each Other?

In Chicago, the crime rate is very high and Chicago Avenue is one of the hottest spots during the summer. Every night we go to bed to the sound of gunshots, police and ambulances. Do you ever wonder why people kill each other? They kill each other over nonsense such as money, drugs, and to have power over the block.


To begin with, people kill over money. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money it can just be 3 or 4 dollars. People get killed when they owe someone money and they can’t pay it back. They need to just give them a while longer until they are able to pay them back. 

85% of drug dealers on Chicago Avenue are either drug users or kids

Next, people kill over drugs. 85% of drug dealers on Chicago Avenue are either drug users or kids. Drug users are at risk every time they put a pack in their hands. Nine times out of ten they run off with the pack or the money. Kids are just kids, they have problems in school and so how can someone expect them to sell drugs without messing up? That is the reason why many kids are co

ming up hurt or dead on Chicago Avenue.

Lastly, people think they have power over the block. Gangs go block to block looking for other gang members to mess with or kill. A lot of times innocent people get hurt or killed that don’t have anything to do with gangs or drugs. All of the killing needs to stop because it is bad for our community.   

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